Different theoretical frameworks and models structure the concept of Information Security Management, but they are only guidelines. Each business has its culture, risk exposures and strategies and needs to work out its approach because its organisational structure and culture will mainly determine what it needs to do, how far it wants to go and how to implement Information Security Management in its processes. The NEWORDER Information Security Management solution is uniquely focused on reducing the attack surface instead of managing vulnerability lists. This process is executed by our unique, custom-developed Cyber Threat Protection and Prevention Framework. Some key areas focused on during our Corporate Threat Assessments.

  • Critical assets (Servers) Operating System vulnerability and risk evaluation
  • Critical assets (Servers) Business function vulnerability and risk evaluation
  • Critical network components vulnerability and risk evaluation
  • Network host/device vulnerability and risk evaluation
  • VoIP vulnerability and risk evaluation
  • Wi-Fi vulnerability and risk evaluation
  • End-point Protection Technology gap and assurance evaluation
  • Perimeter Protection Technology gap and assurance evaluation
Corporate Assessment Image


Nowadays, the most common reason criminals attack internet services is to extort money, sensitive data, and client information. One can have a magnitude of raw data and yet have no actionable intelligence derived from it. NEWORDER provides numerous services in this environment to provide actionable intelligence and ensure that targeted systems will no longer be attacked.

  • SIEM Solution – From Planning to Deployment
  • Web Application Firewalls – From Planning to Deployment
  • NexGen Firewalls – From Planning to Deployment
  • User Activity Analysis
  • Data log-source correlation and analysis